Application for temporary block distracting websites
Focus on the real essentials
Black and white lists
Make your list of time eaters and block them.
Or vice versa, leave only the sites you need for work.
Flexible settings
Set the schedule for automatic blocking websites in lists. Intervals in Pomodoro are also variable.
Blocks and unblocks websites just as expected, even after closing the app or reboot of PC.
Clean UI
There are all the necessary functions and nothing more. Dark theme for night workers.
Works on Windows and Linux.
Open source
Possible to improve.
if you are able to write on С++ ;)
A simple mode with essentials — timer setting and a block start button.
Automatic mode to plan blocking for desired time intervals and days of the week.
Start the Pomodoro timer (traditionally to 25 minutes), and work on the task without distractions. Take a short break (traditionally 5 minutes). Next Pomodoro will start automatically.
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